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Anonymous said: When you met up with Ollie for coffee, was it awkward at all? I'm having a date with someone that I've never met this saturday and I am super nervous! I fear it's going to be so awkward like I don't know what to talk about. Do you have any advices? Thank youuu

It surprisingly wasn’t! We just talked for hours about ourselves and our lives and just found out everything about each other. We had a lot in common so the conversation just flowed and it just felt like hanging out with a friend! At the time I didn’t actually think it was a date, I just thought we were hanging out as friends so I suppose that took some of the pressure off and I just relaxed and got to know the guy!

Don’t be too serious, he’s just a guy! Just ask questions and get to know about him and what he likes and see if you two hit it off

Anonymous said: Why does everyone use chia seeds in their overnight oats? Is it for health benefits or texture or..?

It makes it nice and thick and gooey! Plus chia seeds are pretty good for you too

Anonymous said: IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY ?!?

Hahaha noo I was joking ;)

Anonymous said: College vs. university: A college is an institution that offers a 4 year undergraduate program for a bachelors degree, typically completed by age 22. Any degree program you complete beyond that is a graduate degree (masters, phd, md). A university has programs for both undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Oh okay! In England college is like community college, you typically do a diploma there in place of doing your last 2 years of high school.

Anonymous said: To pasta sauce anon: AVOCADO CREAM SAUCE. Purée avocado with lemon juice, salt, pepper, olive oil, basil, garlic etc. Also, sometimes I just have pasta with sautéed veggies, garlic, olives, sun-dried tomatoes, and basil. It's nice even without sauce!

GUYS. Try this

Anonymous said: Lol - not to confuse the issue college/ uni more but the difference between colleges and universities in the us is that universities are much bigger than colleges and more competitive - i have gone to both and am lucky enough to study at a uni that has a lot funding for research :)

So it seems colleges and universities are both forms of tertiary education and you call them all college but some of them are actually universities!

escapingtothemoon said: So I saw the anon about college in the US. We have both college and university and in both you can get degrees. The difference is how many schools are within the school to make it a university or a college. But no one really says university here unless you are naming your school.

Oh America you do confuse me!

Anonymous said: SIOBHAN I'M SO EXCITED It's my birthday and my mom is taking me on a business trip across my state with her. I'm going shopping at an outlet mall, to a yoga class, and then to an all-vegan cafe for dinner! I just wanted to tell someone. Have a fab day~


Anonymous said: Hey Siobhan, I am a very "natural" person.. I eat a balanced vegan diet, try to limit my carbon footprint, buy organic and local produce, and try to recycle everything... But I am contemplating going on the pill because my periods are horribly off, maca root doesn't help, and I am cramping like crazy... Do you think that this is a contradiction as I am usually into natural and holistic remedies? I am torn :(

No it is not a contradiction. They are your beliefs and they are no one else’s business. If you need medication, hell, take it. That doesn’t make anything you else do any less valid!

Ugh guys the world college doesn’t look like a real word anymore I have seen it too many times

Anonymous said: While all two year schools (for an associate's degree) are colleges, not all colleges are for only 2 years. Some 4 year institutions are called colleges (i.e. college of charleston, college of new jersey, etc). All universities, on the other hand, are 4 year institutions where you can gain your bachelor's degree. Colloquially, when people refer to any post-high school education they say they are "going to college" regardless of whether it is for 2 or 4 years.

Ah gotcha! Because I notice people in America also refer to university/college as ‘school’ which makes life even more confusing

Thanks for your input everyone!

Anonymous said: there's both in the US, uni and college

But essentially you finish both with an undergraduate bachelors degree same as England, so they’re pretty similar I think

Anonymous said: College isn't the same as university in America!! It's like in England, you go to college to get a diploma and you get a Bachelor's/master's/PhD from university :)

I’m fairly sure they don’t call it university in America, it’s college? I’m a bit confused now!

Anonymous said: hey i was the one who asked about responding to people who eat animal products! I didn't mean negative responses, like condemning them, but responding at all, like in general. If they're your friend / family and just naturally eating their food and enjoying/ talking about it, do you literally say nothing, even if you're in their company?

Nope, I don’t say anything. I would hope no one makes comments on the food I eat, so I do the same