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Anonymous said: Is pesto sauce vegan? My family bought some from the store (freshly made; no ingredient list) and I innocently thought it was vegan. I've only just realized it may most likely contain cheese(Parmesan) and I feel really bad now

Pesto always contains Parmesan cheese unless it specifically labelled vegan!

Anonymous said: How do you know that you are maintaining/gaining weight when you don't weigh yourself?

It’s pretty easy to look in the mirror and see, plus see how clothes fit

"Being honest may not get you a lot of friends but it’ll always get you the right ones"

- John Lennon (via sempiternal-sea)

(Source: anne-lennon, via feyoena)

Today in photos- lunch at Inspiral Lounge, my amazing discovery where I got a warm peanut butter brownie with vanilla icecream and a train selfie!

Anonymous said: Hi Siobhan! Do you think oats twice in a day might upset my stomach? I have ibs and I've not eaten much today so I'm trying to think of something quick and easy to digest for supper. Thanks x

I can’t say for sure, everyone’s stomach is different. It could upset your stomach or it could not, it depends how your body usually reacts to oats

Anonymous said: I usually oven-roast my veggies but Im going on holiday for 2 weeks! The apartment we're renting doesn't have an oven :,( BUT it does have a stove. Any healthy food ideas? x

Maybe sautee the veggies in a frying pan with a little oil? Or do a stirfry?

Anonymous said: How often do you exercise and what do you like to do for exercise?

I run and cycle and honestly sometimes it is 4 days a week and sometimes I don’t at all. It totally varies

Anonymous said: Whoa i expected your name to be pronounced Si-Oh-Ban but its more like Shbon right?

It’s Irish so it’s pronounced differently to how it is spelt, sorta like Shi-vonne :)

ajourneytofindmyself said: Hello siobhan! I am thinking of taking a gap year to SEA before going to university , do you know any company that helps to plan or meeting people before leaving? In Italy taking a year off for travelling/volonteering/ exploring is not common but i think in england is more , thank you !

I haven’t ever done a gap year so I’m not much use but I am making this public so people can reply to this/send you a message to inform you of useful resources/companies :)

Anonymous said: what will you be spending your summer holiday doing? x x x

Nothing too fun! Studying for my medical aptitude test, doing a research project, hanging with friends/my boyfriend and going to Reading Fest :)